Stitch's Fun Spray Nozzle

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The Stitch shower nozzle is a fun and playful addition to any kid's bathroom! Inspired by the lovable character from Disney, this shower head is designed to make bath time a blast. With its colorful and cheerful design, kids will love washing up with Stitch by their side. The nozzle features multiple spray patterns that can be easily adjusted, so kids can find their favorite and make every shower a new adventure. The high-quality materials ensure that the Stitch shower nozzle is durable and long-lasting, providing kids with years of fun and excitement in the bathroom. So why not make bath time a little more fun with the Stitch shower nozzle?

The Stitch Shower Nozzle is made of high-quality plastic and vinyl materials and measures 26cm by 9cm. It features a top spray and rain function, with a diameter of 1.5cm, making it a universal fit for most shower systems. If your shower arm is larger in diameter, a connector may be required for proper installation. With its stylish design and functional features, this shower nozzle is sure to bring a touch of fun to your bathroom.